My Experiments with Food

Food was one of the main aspect of life which I wanted to change when I changed the country. Among other things, last two months have been about experimenting with eateries, food courts, cooking, cheap and expensive dining options in a tiny country with more than 7000 Food & Beverage establishments. 

Robertson Quay

This is a quiet khau-galli adjacent to the river right across our home. All the restaurants have outdoor seating, mostly facing the river with food from all over the world. So you can choose from over 150 types of Belgium beer to along with spicy mussels, or watch a match while munching on wood-oven baked thick crust Australian pizza, take home delicious French bakeries, or quickly pass by the pungent smelling Japanese restaurant or simply have an Aglio Olio in one of the Italian joints. For me, the best experience was to try out mussels cooked in Italian sauce which tasted nothing like regular non-veg (read chicken). Born in a vegetarian family, developing a taste for non-vegetarian food actually means developing a taste for chewing. From this context, mussels were a welcomed change. They are not chewy, they can be cooked in spicy sauces and they are a fun to eat (you need to do more than just chewing).

(This is not my picture since with the food in front of me, I can barely think of a camera. All the pictures in this post are from google, expect from the last one.)

Clarke Quay

Well, Clarke Quay is my second choice of place to eat out in Singapore. It is my first choice of place for usual hang out in Singapore. Oh I just love the energy in this heaven of food, music, pubs, belly dancers, ice-cream-seller-cum-magicians, young n sexy people. When I am feeling really low, a walk to Clarke Quay is all I need to feel refreshed! 

The first meal I ever had in Clarke Quay was a pizza (thin crust) at Mad for Garlic which was completely out of this world. After that I have had Indian, Italian, Mexican, Kebabs, Lebanese, and well what is called Continental. I must say I loved the kebabs I had at Marrakesh. However, the high point in experimentation was trying out the grilled fish at TCC. I guess it was the first time I had grilled fish and am absolutely no connoisseur to be able to judge a good continental meal. However, the fish we had was absolutely amazing, fresh, soft, came with a sauce which went perfectly well with it. I am quite elated to have developed taste for different cuisines as I exchanged my order for mushroom and olive pasta with my husband’s order of grilled fish!


Clarke Quay is a real fun place to spend your evening. You will get all the varieties of wine here, but god forsake, try and find a bowl of soup here! In a place with over 100 restaurants, there was none which can offer us a bowl of soup! 


The healthy vegetarian option

Well, when I came to Singapore I was pretty sure I would be able to quickly adapt to innumerable eating options available throughout the city and make a take out plan for myself which would include all healthy options. So I tried many different salad n soup bars. 

Soup spoon 

In the early days in the city, I had to ‘literally’ hunt for the food. Hunting in today’s jungle is hunting in the shopping malls of course. Soup spoon was the first stop. I would describe the place as “value for money”. Very filling, nice options, friendly staff and good taste. The only negative point is the seating arrangement which somehow gives you a feel of a prison. I generally don’t like eating alone in Singapore malls. People are glued to their smartphones and tablets and its a very gloomy environment. However, the take away option from this place is pretty expensive, almost doubling the price! 

Salad Stop!

I love salad. I crave for it. Hence there was no way that I would not have tried Salad Stop. Even if it meant reaching 2 mins before the ballet performance begins in Esplanade! I liked the idea of adding boiled kidney beans to the salad to enhance the protein factor. However, for amateurs like myself in the world of salad, having so many options in front of you to make a salad bowl, and to choose a sauce of your choice without having heard of any of them, it is quite a unnerving experience. If I had to make my own salad, I can do that in my kitchen! The whole idea of going to a restaurant is to get recommendations on what to eat and get pleasantly surprised! 

Among other new tastes on tongue, we tried ham on pizza, fried chicken, anchovies to quote a few. However, the most interesting taste was of the rolls (I like to call them vegetarian sushi) we tried in Bali. All I can say about the dish is, its different! 




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