Minya Konka Trek Diaries: The last day

After a dreamless night in the comfort of bed, we woke up fresh and started early. Today we had a long walk gradually going downwards to our final destination where we will get Hot springs! :D Yayeeee!! Everybody was in festive mood, mostly because we were going to have phone signal after a few hours. In the festivity, the breakfast was simple Tibetian bread, cheese and coffee. I had both Tibetian bread and Tibetian tea, and I can say I don’t care for either. Tibetian bread has no taste, no salt, no sugar, only yeast. Tibetian tea has pork butter and salt. Good enough for survival, but nothing more.

In the morning it was still raining. We walked some distance on river beds and had many streams to cross. The gore-tex shoes finally paid off. I was scared to put my shows in water, however, there was no escape this time. I had to jump off rocks and logs to reach the other side. I was fascinated by the power of waterproof material, as this was my first experience with such shoes. My shoes were completely soaked from outside and totally dry from inside! :)

After about 1.5 – 2 hours later, we reached a huge lake, very calm and pristine. It was quite like a painted vision, the dead lake surrounded by mountains and jungles, wild horses standing by, the deformed trees standing straight in water. By this time, I was tried and hungry. Now we also had to go uphill to cross the hills. So I took a break and ate an apple, refilled water. After crossing the final waterfall, we started the fast-pace walk. So, we were basically divided into two groups, one with the seasonal trekkers and other with slow pacers. Somehow today the slow pacers, including me, were maintaining the pace with the fast ones. At one point, when I was very tired and felt I could no longer go on at this face, I felt quite defeated. I didn’t want to give up. This last leg had to be done together. Then I tasted just a bit of what is meant by mental strength. What do marathon runners mean when they say that the last mile was totally mental. It is quite a cherish-able feeling. Feeling like this is quite similar to feeling you get when you meditate successfully.

So we all reached the final destination around the same time, for a final picture and the final journey down the hills. The Hot Springs resort was a big let down, with no wi-fi, very poorly maintained rooms, dirty toilets and unclean hot springs. This reminded me of shady trips Indian adventure companies (read: Indiahikes) also make. Well, I can’t really complain since the costs were not too high. But what I have heard of African safaris and treks, I think they create a different league of luxury travels in low cost budgets. Next on my agenda is Mt Kilimanjaro, last thing I want to do before I create life-time responsibilities. :-)

Crossing rivers
Crossing rivers
The Lake
The Lake
Gore tex shoes test
Gore tex shoes test
Eating apple
Eating apple
Minya Konka route
Minya Konka route

Next Destination:

Mt Kilimanjaro



One thought on “Minya Konka Trek Diaries: The last day

  1. Good account of your journey.
    Keep all your travelouge safely for future.
    I hope you are fulfilling your wish list😃


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