Meeting a Hindi speaking Tibetian in China


On the third day of the trip, when we were in Kangding, which is Simla of Garze in Sichuan, I was quite bored of eating everything cooked from rice and was craving for wheat bread or parathe especially for breakfast.

So I found a beautifully decorated coffee house in the new town market and in hope of at least finding a muffin there, went in.

After placing my order, when I asked for water, the girl on counter said: “garam pani”? I was like whoa!! I would have never dreamt of meeting a Hindi speaking person in remote areas of China!

She was a Tibetian girl, who had lived for a while in Dharamsala, where she had picked up Hindi. She was also surprised to find me there! We both definitely made each other’s day!



2 thoughts on “Meeting a Hindi speaking Tibetian in China

  1. The girl in pic looks very smart & both of you look quite happy. Many Tibetans come to Dharamshala. Recently , I met a young man at Galleria from Lhasa who owns a Hotel on China boarder on way to Mansarover – very smart person 😄


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