Getting a high

At 5: buying a new dress for the dolly, getting an ice-cream

At 10: being able to run as fast as elder brother, drawing a duck with curves at the right place

At 15: getting calls from so many different friends (& friends who are boys) at home, writing poems, singing at the top of my voice

At 20: spending a night out walking around the campus roads, singing while cycling in the rains

At 25: visiting unknown places alone, meeting strangers, making friends, getting to know a strange place called world

At 30: starting something new from scratch and finishing it, running 10 k and counting, climbing mountains, rowing in rivers, swimming laps

In these first 30 years of life, getting high on life has been one of the easiest and quickest results. I read books, get a high and fall in love with authors. I attend courses, get inspired and fall in love with professors. I listen to music and it takes me to the highest emotional and mental state ever! I have been influenced many a times by ideas and philosophies. Inspired innumerable times by high achievers especially those who have additional challenges (Catching Kayla). It is just too easy to get a high.

On the other hand, it is extremely difficult for me to get a high by the literal meaning of getting a high: by drinking or boozing mindlessly. From my first experience of binge-ing in my first job in 2006, I have always hated it. I have always found the weekdays-weekends lifestyle suffocating, unnatural. I believe in taking the time off from work but find it extremely restrictive to take the time off on specific days. For me, freedom means I can work on a Friday or Saturday night and complete a project that means the world to me!  Freedom means being free from the routine and pressure to “party” on the expected days! For me an off-day means having fun doing something I like. Not necessarily doing something that is considered fun by general definition. I like doing something that actually develops endorphin in my system, doing something which makes me a little better than what I was the previous day, doing something which is beautiful and rewarding.

The amazing thing is how easy it has become to find like-minded people, hobbyists in the time of internet. You can have a jogging partner, a swimming partner, a climbing partner, a rowing partner – all just a click away! Another Wodehouse fan, another budding artist, a ballet-lover, a photographer, a story-teller, you can always find at least one person who will share your interests! And, you will find millions of people who would appreciate your tiny contributions, minuscule improvements in those hobbies! Whether it is taking pictures (instagram followers), writing blogs (blog followers) or general encouragement (on facebook), everybody is giving you that slight nudge every single day so that you keep following your dreams! Getting a high is just getting simpler and simpler! Thanks to the positivity around! This is time to find out what gives you a high and just do it!! :D


2 thoughts on “Getting a high

  1. I agree with you. You are very clear what gives you a big high in life. However, all people in this world are not same . But I like you way in getting high in the life 😄👍


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