What motivates each of you to get to work with a conviction and purpose?

Someone asked this question in one of the whatsapp group I am a part of. It was one those days when I didn’t have an answer myself. Being an owner of a company, people might expect that you should always be super motivated, jump right out of bed in the morning and get to work or might even start working in bed itself as soon as you open your eyes. Well, that does not happen always. At least not to simple mortals like myself. I have my ups and downs like anyone else. It was a day in the downs. So I waited for others to answer.

Someone said: “Finding out what I want to do and at the same time doing the best I can now. Second guessing takes up energy and who knows what doors will open when you try your very best.

Another one said: “For me, it’s about stretching myself, learning from experiences/benefiting others in the process.

Yet another shared their experience about working with developing countries in the field of education and how difficult but rewarding their journey had been so far. Having spent a few years, in the same boat I was happy to hear this.

It was quite encouraging to see others so positive and optimistic about their work.

A couple of days later, I got an answer for myself as well. It was one of those work days when I had to speak to quite a few existing clients/customers. Thanks to a motivated and enthusiastic soul as a teammate who helped arrange for all those international calls at different odd hours of the day, we got started.

In one of the calls, a customer, who is a student enrolled in our certification programme, who was not able to cope up with coursework and had almost give up, was encouraged to get back and we planned a strategy to study. He got motivated and thanked up profusely for helping him get back. Another one who had also missed on lectures, thanked us for not giving up on him and for giving him another opportunity to learn. There was a person who said she was afraid to call us since she was quite guilty for not attending the lectures and she is so gratified that we called her and get things sorted. It is easier to join a professional programme with an intention to learn but difficult to give time and commitment. If people get help regularly and stay commitment, it is easier for them to reach their goals. I know this from personal experience.

And then it hit me, what motivates me to work with conviction and purpose? It is simply “people”. Are the clients benefitting from the product/service? And are the employees benefitting from their work? Are people learning, getting opportunity to grow and improve? It is so easy to get side-tracked by sales and revenue numbers. There is no doubt that these numbers matter a lot. Without them, there are no people, no service, no product. Hence, they are the first step. However, equally crucial is the service and the benefits it provides to the people. Personally for me, that motivates me to work harder and better.

For me the formula is simple:

Create an amazing and beneficial product/service => Reach out to people who would ‘benefit’ from it => Help them get the benefits => Success


Do write in comments what motivates you to get to work with a conviction and purpose?




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